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Back Building Gets a Facelift

This summer our back building has gotten a makeover!

Built around the 1920's, this building was once a warehouse for ordered groceries and live poultry. Now after nearly 30 years in as part of Parmer's Automotive this building has seen it's better days.

So this summer (2016) an executive decision was made to update the back building and surrounding parking area, promoting the structure's integrity and providing an updated working space for the employees .

Starting in June owner Brian Parmer and maintenance worker Gary Davidson got to work cleaning up the back lot, leaving more room for customer vehicles.

By mid-June the area in front of the building was looking pretty good, meaning it was time for them to tackle the building itself.

With the help of John Mohan, Brian got to work replacing and restructuring support beams internally, and putting in new garage doors and siding externally. With plans to rewire the structure set for next month.

As we approach the start of August with even more extreme heat setting it, it's nice to see the building coming together.

So next time you're out and about swing by and check out our facelift.

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